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We, Impressions launched our company in May 1995 to provide easy solutions to difficult packaging and printing requirements. Today, we offer a single-source solution for all of the packaging and printing requirements of the customers.

We are a group of creative experts that are always ready to work with the customers from design to completion, bringing their ideas to life. We are an Industrial Unit conveniently situated in DLF Industrial Area, Faridabad, Haryana (Delhi NCR), with a workspace of 25000 sq ft and a staff of 100+ workers.

Packaging Boxes, Commercial Printing, Packaging Cards, Rigid Boxes, Food Packaging Solutions, FMCG Packaging Solutions, Pharmaceutical Printing and Packaging Solution
and others are manufactured, traded, serviced, supplied, and exported by us. Our manufacturing capacity has increased significantly in recent years due to careful monitoring of training, economic trends, technological equipment upgrades, and quality assurance systems. Our foresight has paid off. As a result, we are far from reaching our limits.
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Is not packing simply packaging? After all, it is the final product that counts. Wrong! Packaging has a bigger influence on customer choices than one would believe.
The product packaging conveys a lot of information, from what it can accomplish for the buyers to the ideals of a company. Because packaging is a critical communication and marketing tool for any company, it is just as vital as the finished product itself.
  • We allow our clients to make use of our facilities and services, which aid workflow, cost savings, and marketing.
  • We collaborate with our clients to accomplish outcomes that immediately enhance their overall ease of operation and performance.
  • We can mix print, design, and concepts to create complete campaign solutions thanks to our expertise and specific business divisions.
We provide a wide range of packaging and printing products to meet the needs of our customers, including printed mono-cartons, Handmade Boxes, skin packaging cards, corrugated cartons, inlay cards, blister packaging cards and sheets, brochures, leaflets, educational books, catalogs, registers, exercise notebooks, newspaper inserts, paper carry bags, Vinyl posters, office stationery, diaries, calendars, Canvas Prints, Standees, Translites, and more.
Artwork processing, hot foil blocking, offset printing, screen printing, varnishing, embossing, UV effects, sewing, die punching, binding, and pasting are interconnected divisions.

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